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Hi all

2008-10-16 04:56:18 by spacsm

Hi i'm new to newgrounds but im hoping to submit
some stuff soon. Currently I am creating a platform game
and im trying to get it done soon but it's annoying trying
to fit it around schoolwork.


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2008-11-03 00:58:53

Nice. I wish i could submit something...even tho I have flash I dont exactly know how to use it >.<


2008-11-03 01:00:44

well then welcome to newgrounds and welcome to the wonderful world of the life of a student/animator lol, well good luck, and it really is very annoying trying balance stuff lol, im balancing makeing flashes, maintaining a social life, doing homework and test, trying to get a girlfriend and over all trying to survive 10th grade lol.

(Updated ) spacsm responds:

that sounds about right! It is real annoying tryin 2 make flash games ontop of schoolwork and other stuff